“TONELERIA FRANCESA de CHILE is a new-world company that has maintained the age-old tradition of manufacturing oak barrels and raw materials, offering innovative solutions for the creation of high quality wines and spirits.”

The company was founded in 1996 by two great friends united by a great passion: wine. Jean Jacques Nadalié and Thierry Villard created the cooperage in Santiago, Chile to cover the demand for oak barrels, casks and vats throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

From the very beginning, this process has been led by Sebastien Villard, who was trained at Nadalié’s headquarters in Bordeaux, France as a Master Cooper, learning everything straight from the artisans themselves.

We’ve been in business in South America for 20 years, years in which we’ve worked directly with our customers, creating long-term relationships in which we always strive to be a strategic partner, supporting them in all of our areas of expertise, not only in the aging of barrels, but also in the use of OAI’s and creating solutions for the many different challenges that arise in every winery through our Enovina branch.

We take extreme precautions when it comes to the selection and traceability of our raw materials. All of our products have quality and origin certifications, because, for us, using only the finest raw materials is absolutely essential.